You’re the lazy Sunday afternoon
My calm before the storm of Monday blues
You’re the Caramel Macchiato I’m addicted to
Your warmth is cure to my eyes’ tired views

You’re the songs I often listen to
When I am sad I find solace in you
The playlist filled with Børns and Broods
You’re Lorde’s Ribs and I’m Troye’s Youth

You’re the rain for my hot parched June
You dispelled the drought I’m almost used to
You’re the lithium to stabilize my moods
The peace amidst my bipolar issues

You’re an unanswered crossword puzzle
Your answers doesn’t match your given clues
You’re the book with chapters left unread
Some of your pages are written in rune

You’re a bad decision I don’t want to regret
You’re the All Too Well playing inside my head
You’re a face that keeps on haunting me
To be over you, I don’t want to be


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