VP Leni And The Cheating Allegations

Last May 9, 2016, the Filipino people exercised one of their rights as citizens of a democratic country, the right to vote.

When the BEIs closed the voting process, printed the Election Results, and transmitted the results to the 3 servers of the COMELEC including the Transparency Server, we started to see the consolidated results unfold right before our very eyes. The unofficial canvass directly coming from the Transparency Server dominated the air times of Local TV Stations. Results of the unofficial canvass were updated from time to time as the transmission of the results from different provinces were received by the servers. Duterte and Marcos were the front runners.

As more results came in, it became clear that Duterte is the winner by plurality. But the same cannot be said when it came to the Vice – Presidential election. As more results came in from different bailiwicks of Marcos and Robredo, the lead by the former decreased. From millions, the margin between the two shrunk to a mere hundred thousand. Then the morning of May 10 came, and to the surprise of some, Robredo got the lead by only a thousand votes. People were furious.

Accusations were thrown. Marcos was cheated they said. The camp of Marcos even tried to stop the broadcast of the consolidated results coming from the Transparency server.They said the results from the said server were anomalous and was the subject of an electronic dagdag – bawas.

Fast forward to the Congressional Canvass, no evidence of mismatch between the Electronically Transmitted ER and the Manually Transmitted ER were found except for those provinces with Special Elections and where cases of human errors occurred.

When the Congressional Canvass was over, the result for the Presidency was as clear as day as Rody R. Duterte won by plurality with over 16 million votes. For the Vice – Presidency, Leni G. Robredo won over Bongbong Marcos by only 263,000 votes. And last May 30, 2016, Duterte and Robredo were proclaimed as the President – elect and the Vice – President – elect respectively.

And still to this day, Leni’s victory is clouded by the controversy of election fraud orchestrated by the Liberal Party; a conspiracy theory propagated by the Marcos loyalists. Someone even came forward to affirm that there was an electronic dagdag – bawas operation in Quezon. In an interview, their detailed account of the event stated how they changed the transmitted results by intercepting the transmission of the VCMs. After the interception, they transmitted the fraudulent results to benefit the Liberal Party candidates.

Here’s the thing, it just doesn’t add up. I was a BEI last election and what they were saying is just impossible.

First and foremost, before the election, VCMs were tested. The result tallied by the VCM is compared to the manual canvass. In our precint, the results printed by the VCM matched the manual tally. So the result is credible.

Second, before you transmit the result of the election, the VCM will print 8 Election Returns. After the printing, transmission is next. After the transmission, printing of another 22 Election Returns. So if they just changed the result of the precint level election during the transmission phase, there is going to be a proof to that electronic dagdag – bawas. Data is actually verifiable. Precint level ERs can be looked up in the servers available for public scrutiny.

Third, how did they know which VCM is transmitting at a specific point in time? Which Municipality in Quezon is transmitting at a specific time? Mind you, transmission of results were different from precint to precint. Some precints that encountered  technical glitches transmitted much later than those that finished right on time. If they did successfully intercepted the real results and transmitted the fraudulent one, why did the result of the VCM – printed precint level ERs match the transmitted ERs in the Transparency Server? If they changed the transmitted result, they should’ve changed the VCM – printed precint level ERs too for them to match.

Fourth, given the figures stated by the so – called witnesses of the electronic dagdag – bawas, if Marcos was shaved – off by about 500,000 votes and was given to Robredo, why did the latter only got 385,000 votes according to the Official Result from the Quezon Province ER? If that’s the case, she actually acquired 0 vote from the province which is impossible because I voted for her, my mother and father voted for her, my siblings voted for her, and I know my friends voted for her.

It just doesn’t make any sense.

If there was an election fraud, evidence should be presented. Just like every other election in the Philippines, candidates who lost always cry election fraud but fail to substantiate their claim.

I voted for Leni G. Robredo and these accusations are just unfair to me, the people who voted for her, and specially to the Vice – President – elect herself.


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