Why Write?

I am not a writer.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to write. I love to write about my experiences in life kasi malay natin may nakakaexperience din nung mga nararanasan ko. Malay natin may nakakarelate din.

I love to write about my opinion. I am an opinionated person and I love to share how I view things based from my very own perspective.

I love to research and read articles. I am always up-to-date when it comes to information and I want to enlighten people. Let’s be real. There’s a lot of misinformation going around social media and gullible people would believe it. There’s no eyelash to bat when it comes to misinformation dissemination in social media. Course correction is badly needed when it comes to that.

I am not a writer and this is my blog.

Before, I wanted to be a writer kahit on the side lang but I’m afraid. I’m afraid of judgmental people who’ll judge me based solely on what I write about. I am not a writer by profession kasi. I did not have any training when it comes to writing. All I know is I want to write. I don’t even have a perfect grammar. I know I am good but not that good. Social media taught us to be judgmental. Not in a good way. You’ll be criticized in a lot of ways. I am very open to constructive criticisms. If you have something to contribute with regards to how I write, then comment away. If you have an advice on how to improve my writing skills and my grammar, then do so. I am open to all of the things that’ll make me a better writer. If you don’t then just fuck off!

I have tried to start a blog years ago. I’ve tried it a couple of times. Sinisimulan ko pero nawawalan ako ng gana. Siguro, medyo naging busy din ako kaya hindi nagwowork – out. Siguro rin hindi pa talaga ako ready to venture into writing kahit side project ko lang. Na-try ko na ang blogger, tumblr, and many more. Hindi ko lang din alam noon kung ano yung mga gusto kong isulat. Parang hindi kasi interesting ang buhay ko. Nainspire siguro ako lately ni Direk Antoinette Jadaone at Direk Dan Villegas na there’s something interesting in writing real things. Yung nangyayari sa buhay ng isang tao na pangkaraniwan lang at wala masyadong clichés and telenovela tropes. Yung life events na grounded in reality. Mas magandang pag – usapan at ikwento yun.

This blog is about my life and my struggles. Siguro may mga filtered contents pero totoo na totoo pa rin. May mga topics na rated SPG pero relatable pa rin naman. Siguro I can be a cautionary tale sa mga katangahan ko sa buhay. I can be a testimony of a simple life.

I am not a writer kasi writers release interesting books and pieces. At hindi ko rin naman hinihinging magkaroon ng published materials as of now. May mga napapublish kasi na hindi naman talaga writer at ayaw kong maging ganun. Mema lang yung iba eh. I put writers on a pedestal kasi. Disservice sa mga renowned writers kung magrerelease ka ng materials na hindi naman of industry standards o hilaw pa.

I am a writer of life. Yun na lang siguro yun. Huwag na nating gawing kumplekado.


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