The Perks Of Being Unemployed

This school year, Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation of Lucena City decided to shift its academic calendar from the traditional June – March to August – May to adhere to international standards. It’s the second university in Quezon to do so following Southern Luzon State University of Lucban. This school year is also the matriculation of the first batch of K-11 students following the implementation of K-12.

To make my story short, I quit from my job as a University Instructor at MSEUF. I know it has nothing to do with the academic calendar shift but I thought it was a cool introduction.

Going back to my resignation, I’ve already made – up my mind about it prior to the ending of the Second Semester of the last school year. It was brewing already from the First Semester. I just had to tie some loose ends.

I was ready to leave my cubicle and the seat I sat on for almost 4 years. I was ready to leave the Cyber Council I took care of and the office I often go to in times of boredom. I was ready to vacate some of the positions I held in organizations inside and outside of my Department. I was ready to leave the halls I passed on to and the classrooms where my lectures were conducted. I was ready to leave behind the relationships I had with students, faculty members, and employees. And finally, I was ready to leave the stress, sweat, blood, and tears of teaching.

So I did. I left.

After our trip to and from Baler, I finally had the courage to leave. I weighed on my options before committing to a life outside of teaching. It was hard because for almost 4 years, my life revolved around teaching. But I was ready to make the necessary adjustments.

Alas, I am unemployed. I know there’s really nothing positive about unemployment but I just want to see the positive rather than the negative. Just like what the saying says: I made my bed and now I must lay in it.

Let’s talk about the plus side of my decision.

Now, I guess I am stress free. Not fully, but it’s a work in progress. Before, I tend to worry a lot because of the obligations of being a teacher but now, I got to live life as it is happening. There is no worrying anymore. I got to do less stressful things such as biking in my free time which is a lot.

Now, I control my time. I got to wake up late and stay up late at night without regrets. And what I do in my time is my own business.

Now, I can catch up with my favorite TV shows. Now, I can watch the last 2 seasons of Revenge without interruptions. I got to watch a lot of movies I did not get a chance to watch before due to my heavy schedule. I can binge watch shows now.

Now, I can do things without thinking much if it’s going to hurt my reputation. Before, I am very careful with how people saw me. I am constantly toeing the line. Now, I can be who I want to be and do the things I can’t do before without thinking much about the repercussions of my actions.

Physical activity is not a problem too now. Because of my hectic schedule before, I neglected my health. Now I got to do some exercise at my very own time.

I know the examples I cited are petty at best but it’s what I think I needed. Maybe I just need some rest before going back to an employ. I think this is something I am entitled to experience as I worked hard before. I need time for myself and time for me to get ready for the future. This extended vacation is not permanent.

This is me hitting the reset button. A reset to better myself. A reset that will allow me to mute the noises I hear in my head that always made it hard for me to enjoy living.

This is me hitting the reset button to start again with a clean slate and just enjoying the perks of being unemployed while I still can.


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