​People, when they fall in love, their common sense goes out the window. They’re too consumed with the promises and assurances by someone whom they’ve given their trust. The trust they don’t easily give to anybody because of past experiences. 

When they fall hard, they are willing to sacrifice a lot even if it’s not worth it or even wrong in the first place. They succumb to whatever their partner wants. The wants they don’t usually do. They do things they thought they couldn’t and end up regretting by the time it’s over. 

When it’s over and done, they deny it even though they already saw it coming. They’re willing to wait even when there’s no one to wait for in the first place. They’re even willing to die just to end the pain they’re experiencing because of loss. Not the loss of love but the loss of self respect and dignity. You mourn losing your ownself in the process of loving someone. 

And in the end, sasabihin mo na lang sa sarili mo na: “Ang tanga mo.”


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