Is Taylor Swift Over?

It’s been a decade since Taylor Swift debuted to the music scene with her first single. Ever since then, controversy followed her every move. Her dating life, social life, and even her personal life had been subjects of controversies even when she’s not even doing to anything.

And with the Kim and Kanye controversy added to the long list of controversies under her belt, it’s another opportunity for her haters to call her over. So let’s go back to the past times when social media commentators proclaimed that the Taylor Swift phenomenon was over.

  1. Rhiannon at the Grammy’s.

Remember when she performed You Belong with Me and Rhiannon with Stevie Nicks and was critically panned because she was off – key? She received so much media backlash that people thought she was over. But no, she came out of that controversy just fine.

  1. Mine leaking 2 weeks earlier than the scheduled release date.

If you have been following her since her debut, Mine was the single that followed the very successful Fearless era. People expected much from her follow – up single. Then before the single’s release, a low quality version of the song surfaced online. Mine was rush released to cater to the demand. People thought it was going flop due to the leak but with 297,000 digital downloads in four days, it debuted at number three on Billboard Hot 100.

  1. Speak Now’s singles underperformed.

Fearless was the era that catapulted Taylor to becoming a household name. The album was successful commercially as well as its singles. Somehow, Speak Now did not match the commercial success of its predecessor.  The singles too did not match the success of Love Story and You Belong With Me. The singles only achieved moderate success.

  1. The release of We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together commenced to her being called a sellout.

Coming from a moderately successful era, she wanted to come back with a bang. To make sure of that, she teamed up with pop savant Max Martin. Then came, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. It was not on par with her past singles in terms of quality but it was the catchy song she needed. It gave her her first number one single on Billboard Hot 100. Because of the song’s quality, she was labeled by people as a sellout.

  1. Haylor happened.

She dated Harry Styles of One Direction and she was slut shamed for it. Well, the whole Red Era, she was slut shamed by the media and the haters.

  1. The Grammy Performance and her British Accent.

Haylor broke up and she performed WANEGBT at the Grammy’s using a British accent for the song’s bridge, and she was dragged by One Direction fans.

  1. I Knew You Were Trouble Goat Video.

A video of IKYWT made the rounds online with some of her vocals replaced with a screaming goat. It went viral and everyone dragged her vocals because it resembles a screeching goat.

  1. Red losing Album Of The Year at the Grammy’s.

Red was her second album to be nominated at the Album Of The Year category and she lost. Her reaction during the announcement of the winner for the category became a joke.

  1. Her All Too Well Performance at the Grammy’s.

Before losing AOTY, she performed All Too Well. The performance featured her playing the song on the piano and her head bopping and banging to match the beat of the drum. It was so funny for her haters that it became a meme.

  1. Shake It Off: the Song and the Video.

She fully transitioned from country to pop with Shake It Off. Everyone saw it coming. The song and video were polarizing for fans and casual listeners or viewers. The video even attracted a racism controversy.

  1. Katy Perry and Bad Blood.

If you’re a Katy Cat, you know that Bad Blood was a parody of a Katy Perry song. People dragged Taylor for trying to paint herself as a victim of Katy. Which in the business standpoint, she actually was but people were not here for that truth.

  1. When Miley dissed her.

Remember when Miley tweeted a photo of Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber? But the photo was photoshopped and their heads were swapped. It was so funny that Taylor only responded with “Sending you love.”

  1. Nicki Minaj and Racism. Again.

Remember when Nicki ranted on Twitter because Anaconda was not nominated for VOTY? Remember when she shaded Taylor Swift during the process of that rant? Taylor responded and was called out by people as racist. Yeah, I remember that clearly. Taylor even apologized to Nicki even though she doesn’t need to.

  1. MTV VMA Performance with Nicki.

She performed at the VMAs with Nicki after their feud was over and was called fake.

  1. Kanye’s Vanguard Award.

Remember when she gave Kanye his Vanguard Award at the VMAs and she gave a short speech about Kanye’s colorful career. People called her fake again for that.

  1. She Won MTV Video of the Year Award for Bad Blood.

After the whole squad goals drama, Bad Blood starring her squad won Video of the Year at the MTV VMAs. She won an award and was dragged for it.

  1. Album of the Year for 1989.

When she wins an award, people drag her. That’s also the case for her AOTY win for 1989. She even gave an iconic speech referencing the whole Famous controversy. But before that, she opened the Grammy’s with Out of the Woods and was dragged for her vocals.

  1. Calvin and Katy teaming up.

Remember when Calvin tried to perpetuate a rumor that the real reason for their breakup was because she cheated with Tom. She then clarified it by exposing to the world that she was the co-writer of This Is What You Came For and his comments about possibly working with her in the future was the real reason behind their break up. Remember his Twitter rant and the shade by Katy afterwards. She got dragged again for clearing things up.

Apart from the 18 controversies mentioned above, there were more that weren’t mentioned. Every time she is in a controversy, people always proclaim her career as over. This was not the first time she was called over and this will not be the last time. When you’re the biggest pop superstar in the world, your every move will be criticized. Your every post, comment, even body language will be subjects of discussions. Even when you’re not saying anything, someone will drag you back in to the limelight.

And that’s the case with Taylor. Even when she’s on vacation, she’s on the headline of tabloids, social media posts, and articles. But, she will never be over. The time she’ll be over is when she decides to be over.


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