A Vivid Dream

It’s been a long time since I remembered any dream of mine. Usually when I wake up every morning, I automatically forget what I was dreaming that very night. But this one time, it’s different.

It was vivid. The dream I can still remember very clearly.

I was walking in a very long avenue. The avenue was dazzling and vivacious. Shops and restaurants line up both sides of the street. Shiny signs of neon colors flashing before my very eyes. It was blinding, the brightness of the avenue. It was already night time but it was still packed with people from different walks of life walking towards different directions. They were braving the cold winds of the Fall blowing right through them from an unseen force above. It was freezing and I was very glad I was wearing my favorite cardigan. The people, blurry faced, were minding their own business. They’re just walking towards their destination not caring about the company of others. The avenue was filled with all of the familiar noises the city are home to: people chattering, cars and their engines, squealing brakes of buses, sounds of walking stilettos on a pavement, dogs barking, and music coming from the surrounding business establishments. It was just like I was in Manhattan in New York City. In the middle of Times Square specifically. It was overwhelming to my senses. It felt so real.

As I was walking that lengthy avenue that never seems to end, out of nowhere, someone called my name. At first it was just a whisper but it was very clear. I looked at every direction possible looking for the person who’s calling for me. Then it became louder, louder than the calls before it. I panicked because as the sound grew louder and clearer, I knew who that voice belongs to. It was you. You were calling for me. You were calling my name.

As I was standing there looking for you in the sea of people, tears started to fall from my eyes down to my trembling cheeks. Your call now sounds like a thunder to my ears. It muffled every sound of that busy avenue until all I focus on is that one person calling my name. Finally, I saw you.

You were standing there at the end of that long avenue, smiling at me. Out of all the people with blurry faces, yours was the clearest. Seeing you left me paralyzed from where I was standing. I can’t move my body but the tears kept falling from my now puffy eyes. I was terrified.

You started walking towards me and with every step, my heart leaped harder and harder until all I can hear are the beats coming from my broken and tired heart. I was standing there fighting the harsh cold wind, bright lights, and my feelings for you.

Then you were there, standing in front of me. You were smiling at me. You were happy. I can see it in your bright brown eyes. And I was there, crying still with my heart beating heavy and fast. You then whispered my name with your sweet voice in a very affectionate tone and I was just standing there. Crying in front of you with no words to say. I can’t muster the courage to say a thing. I don’t think I even have the voice to mean what I needed and wanted to say.

You then lifted your arms with the intention of wiping my tears away. I was just there staring blankly at your peaceful smile still crying. By the time your hand is only inches away from my wet and swollen eyes, I woke up.

It was just a dream.

But I was still crying.

I was crying at two in the morning with that vivid dream in my head. It felt so real. You felt so real.


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