Spelling Enthusiast, Part II

Continuing my previous post regarding my fondness with words, and spelling them, I am sharing to you another list of words that is part of the word bank I consolidated for my Academic Team.

This list I am sharing to you consists of words that originated from different countries around the globe. These words give us a glimpse of the cultures they come from, and I hope they will expand your vocabulary, too.

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Spelling Enthusiast

Ever since high school, I’m just fascinated with words. Not just words but spelling them, too, and correctly. So when I became a part of the Academic Team of our department during my college days, I was so happy that spelling is one of the categories of the Quiz Bee we join annually as part of the foundation week celebration of my Alma Mater.

So today, I will share to you 10 French words and phrases you can add to your vocabulary. Who knows? Maybe this list will come in handy in the future.

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