Does God Exist?

There will come a time in your life when you’ll ask yourself this crucial question: “does God really exist?” Maybe you’re having the worst day of your life, and nothing seems to go right. Maybe you just feel unlucky, and you feel that the universe is against everything you do. Maybe tragedy struck you or any of your loved ones.  Whatever the situation may be, there will come a time when the need to ask that crucial question arises.

Is there a big guy up there keeping records of all the things we do on our time here on earth? Is there a big girl up there controlling our destiny? Is there someone up there who hears the desires of our hearts? Is there someone up there who hears our prayers, and wishes, and answers them in the right time? Is there a supernatural entity up there looking down at us right now who could provide divine intervention if needed? If you are going to ask me, my answer to that crucial question is yes. God does exist.

I believe that God does exist. Why do I believe in him? I, for one, am a testament of his existence. I, being alive to this very day, am a proof that there is someone up there who’s guiding us as we walk on this road we call life. I guess the reason is very personal. Corny or cheesy as it may be, I have witnessed many of his miracles, and one of those is my life.

I have been involved in a lot of accidents. I have been involved also in a lot of almost accidents. As a child living on the side of the highway, accidents are something we always try to avoid. We always take extra precaution when we cross the street. We also only do it in the presence of an adult. But no matter how much you try, sometimes, when things are bound to happen, it happens. There were moments in my childhood when if I had crossed the street a second slower, I could’ve have been buried six feet on the ground now. Scary as it may be but I could’ve been dead right now. And because there is someone up there, I’m not.

Aside from surviving accidents, and almost accidents, I have been blessed of his divine interventions, too. There are people who will always come to help me solve my dilemmas right on time. I don’t ask for it, it just happens.

I am still here because of God. I’m still alive because of his will. Every one of us who believes in his existence has our own stories to tell as to why we come to believe. Some of you may have witnessed him granting us his miracles while some maybe due to indoctrination. And this story is why I believe. This is why I will always believe. I owe everything to him, and whatever his will is for me, I will accept without any questions.


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