Agosto 19

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The One I’ll Love

I will love the person who’ll readily accept the flaws I’ve hid in the deepest caverns of my soul. To love is to accept a person with all zis highs and lows, and zie must be willing enough to shine the light to my darkness without second guessing.

I will love the person who can ride my unconventional sense of adventure. Whether it’s biking at two in the morning, or a Harry Potter movie marathon under the fort made of pillows and sheets, zie must be willing to be swept away by my riptide. I am a nerd, and a thrill seeker, and sometimes both at the same time, and zie must be okay it changing from time to time.

I will love the person who has the same wide – eyed expression I have whenever I enter a bookstore. Zie must be okay with me giggling at the sight of a title I would want to own. Zie must be willing to share with me some uncomfortable silence whenever a book is being read. Having a thirst for knowledge is a good quality a person can possess, and I’m more than willing to invest in someone who knows the important of intellectual growth.

I will love the person who’ll be proud to have me in zis life. I don’t care if I don’t get the Facebook profile photo exposure or relationship status update, as long as I know my place in zis life, I’m fine with it. As long as zie acknowledges me in conversations whenever I’m not around, I’m fine with it, too. As long as zis not afraid to be seen with me in public, that’s more than fine.

I will love the person and tell zim how lucky I am to have met a person who’s willing to do these crazy things just to be with me. I will love the person, and never ever forget to remind zim every day of how much I appreciate all the things zie does for me. I will memorize the details of zis face, trace the lines of zis body, and appreciate the perfect imperfection that zie is. I will be of service to zim for all of these things zie’ll do just for me.

I will love zim as zie loves me. As long as zie wants me to. As long as zie needs me to. I will love the person.