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If you could meet me in person, and there is only one word that you could use to describe me, I know the word “cold” will easily cross your mind. And that’s fair. I am cold.

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Aksidente, Part I

As a biker, hindi maiiwasan ang maaksidente ka sa kalsada habang pumapadyak. Pwedeng kasalanan mo o pwedeng ng nasa paligid mo. I’ve had a few minor accidents when I was still practicing and training in my new mountain bike. Nothing major, just a few bruises here and there especially sa tuhod. Normal naman yun especially if you’re just a beginner. Normal naman yun if you’re still trying to get used to shifting gears, when adjusting the speed kapag uphill or downhill, and practicing mounting and dismounting the bike properly. Mga pasang malayo sa bituka.

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