I’ve always liked Bastille but to be very honest with you, I’m really not into that alternative – type of music. I’m more of a pop and country kind – of – guy. I listen to alternative – pop songs but I’m just not used to the weird song structures these songs have. It’s not even entirely on how the song is structured but also about the melodies, and instrumentals. Sometimes, I feel like it’s too garage band or something. I can’t really explain it but they sound too noisy and unpolished unlike pop songs that are manufactured to be radio hits. I listen to country because of the storytelling aspect of the genre. Listening to country songs is like reading a book with imageries that just flash before your very eyes. I want songs that make you feel immersed with the experience, and make you feel something as you listen to them.

The first Bastille song I listened to was Pompeii, and that was way back in 2013. The song was everywhere. Radio was over playing it. It was one of the top performing songs on Myx. You couldn’t escape it. And I didn’t. I liked it because it’s very anthemic in nature, and I love songs you can pump your fist to, and sing on the top of your lungs. It’s a great song. When it’s playing, it allows you to just let yourself go, vibe to it, feel the music, and just enjoy the moment. Jump around, even, if you wanted to. Because of my love for Pompeii, I downloaded Bad Blood. But listening to the whole album was a struggle for me because it’s really not my cup of tea. I’m just not used to these songs.

I only rediscovered Bastille this year, and it is because of Patrochilles. Yes, my love for Patrochilles let me discover music that’s outside of my musical palette. It allowed to me be a lot more open – minded when it comes to the different genres of music, and appreciate other hidden gems in the less mainstream genres. Because of the suggestions of different people who are also into the Patrochilles fandom, I decided to listen again to Bad Blood.  This time, I actually liked the album as a whole but there is one track that stood – out for me, and that is the upbeat Flaws.


“Flaws” lyrically is a song about two people who have different ways of dealing with their own flaws. They’re both aware of having these flaws thus them “picking themselves undone” after laying their flaws out one by one. They don’t understand how these flaws they have within them are part of who they are as people, and without them, they are not who they truly are. Just look at these lines from the song: “All of your flaws and all of my flaws, when they have been exhumed/We’ll see that we need them to be who we are/Without them we’d be doomed.” The verses are pretty much self – explanatory.

“There’s a hole in my soul
I can’t fill it, I can’t fill it
There’s a hole in my soul
Can you fill it? Can you fill it?”

Then there is the pre – chorus. This part of the song tackles how someone has a need for constant validation from others. Because of laying these flaws out, the person now feels empty. Now, he feels that there is a need for someone to fill the holes left by these flaws he laid out. He feels as though to fill the void in his soul, he needs the love and approval of others because he doesn’t know how to love himself.

The chorus is what I really love about the song. It shows how polar opposite these two people are when it comes to the acceptance of their flaws. The lines: “You have always worn your flaws upon your sleeve/And I have always buried them deep beneath the ground” is a great way to establish the relationship between the main characters of the song. One person wears his flaws like a badge of honor without any fear of being judged by others because for him, they’re already part of his humanity. He accepted his flaws wholeheartedly. Then we have this other person who is in constant denial of his flaws. He is self – conscious about it thus him “burying them deep beneath the ground.” He is embarrassed for people to find out that he has these imperfections, and that is very unfortunate because he can’t accept who he is.

But in the end, there is character development for our character that’s in denial. Speaking to the other character, he wants all of his flaws to be dug up probably as a sign of trust to the other person. He acknowledges that to be truly free, all of the good and bad things in a person should be accepted as part of his personality, and if you want to love someone, the flaws should never be a hindrance. Love yourself first, all of who you are.

I really love Flaws. I even consider it the soundtrack of my life right now. I could really relate to the theme presented by the song. Not only that it wants us to accept our flaws and all, the song wants us to believe that there is someone out there who’ll do it for us. That there is someone who’ll see our flaws, accept them, and love us for who we really are. We just need to be patient about it. This song makes me feel good about who I am, and for now, that’s all I need to be.

In hindsight, I think I just needed to warm up to these Bastille songs. And thank God I did. They’re very different, thematically and sonically, from what I’m used to hearing but sometimes, you have to go outside your taste in music to discover tunes you never thought you’d need in your life. I’m also glad that I went back because apart from Bad Blood, Wild World, Bastille’s sophomore album, is excellent, too. Go listen to Flaws, and all of Bad Blood, and Wild World. You’ll never regret it. I didn’t.


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