When I was still a kid, whenever the month of March approaches, I can’t help but wish for the days to pass me by faster than the usual. In the Philippines, March is the last month of the school year, and the impending end of it only means one thing: summer.

I love summer, with the heat it brings, and the memories it create. Summer is when most of my happiest memories happen. Summer is when these merry – making festivities are held: town fiestas, family getaways, and my birthday celebrations.

But summer is also when bittersweet encounters do happen. The exchange of words, actions, and feelings that leads to catching an inextinguishable fire in our hearts, and soul when summer is just about to end, it is an encounter that changes you. When human contact is involved, and the heat of the summer serves as the background for these interactions, the inevitable occurs: summer love.

A few days ago, I came upon the song I considered before as a soundtrack for my past summer. I was just browsing videos on YouTube when all of a sudden, it popped into my head. I typed the title, clicked the search button, and lucky enough for me, the video was uploaded in the band’s Vevo account. Never have I clicked on a video faster than how I did that time. And as the synth, guitar riff, and drum beat started, the memories also started pouring out of me.

Stolen, an alternative rock song by Dashboard Confessional, is one of those songs that take me back. Solely written by Chris Carrabba, the song which was released as the second single from Dusk and Summer on February 2007, is all about summer love.

Discerning the song lyrics, Stolen continues Chris’ recurring themes of summer love, and the nostalgia that comes along with it. The song perfectly captures what summer is all about: vibrant, exciting, and fun; somehow, these feelings are what you also feel when you fall in love. But seasons change, and feelings, too. You don’t want summer to end because you’re with the one you love but it would, eventually.

“You have stolen my heart.”

A simple line yet it hits us right in the feels. Everyone has that summer love. You’ve met someone, had fun, but in the end, said your goodbyes. Summer love is tricky because you don’t know if what you’re feeling is genuine or just a product of the season, and all the excitement that’s associated with it.

I have had a fair share of summer loves, and just like the season, it passes. It’s funny because I do believe in serendipity. Maybe because of luck these people came into my life to show me how fun it is to experience summer in all its glory. That celebrating summer should be as warm as the weather, and as bright as the colors of the sky. That summer is all about letting someone steal all the air inside your lungs, and fill your stomach with butterflies fluttering dopamine into your system to keep you both nervous and happy at the same time. That summer should not be experienced inside the confines of your own comfort zone but with friends doing uncomfortable yet fulfilling things even though they makes you crazy, and weird for a few moments in time. That summer, just like love, should be spent with someone who’ll sweep you off your feet, and keep you on your toes in a magical way.

Summer really is fun but I guess it is more fun when you got your heart stolen by a summer love. Who knows where will that summer love take you? Should it end as the season closes its doors? Good. At least you have memories to reminisce to. Should it end – up with you finding your very own forever? Then better. Summer to forever, that’s a good story to tell your kids someday.


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