Call It What You Want

A week before reputation is released, Taylor Swift drops her final promotional single for the album. If you’re living under a rock, you probably don’t know that #TS6 officially called reputation is going to be released on November 10th. If you do know, then you probably might have pre-ordered the 2 Volumes of the reputation Magazine exclusively from Target, pre-ordered on iTunes for the digital album, and have plans on buying the physical CDs from stores near you on release day.


And as a treat to Swifties all around the world, Call It What You Want, the second and final promotional single from the album is released as a preview to what’s in store for Swifties who’ll buy and listen to reputation.

The first time I heard Call It What You Want on Spotify, I don’t know why but tears welled up in my eyes. And it’s not only me. Some people I know had some tears in their eyes too after listening to the song. It’s like the song tapped something within me, and in a flip of a switch, and right on cue, emotions were accessed, and tears started to fall on their own. The song just gave me the feels, and it proves that Taylor Swift is a master manipulator of emotions.

The song, written by Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff, and published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, tells a story of someone who fell from grace, accepted his/her fate because he/she found someone who is worth it to give everything up to. If you’re familiar with the Snapchatgate of 2016, the themes and the context of the lyrics are something you’re gonna be familiar with on first listen.

Of all the songs released from reputation thus far, this is probably my favorite. Not only that I can relate to the song on a personal level as I have experienced the kind of thing the song implies minus the finding – my – true – love part, this song is beautiful, lyrically and sonically.

Listen to Call It What You Want on Spotify here:


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