Swifties! This. Is. Not. A. Drill. reputation is out! Go to Target to get your reputation magazines. Go to iTunes to download the digital album. Go to the stores near you to purchase the physical CDs.


Let’s give Taylor her 4th million opening!

Now that reputation is out, let’s talk about my favorite songs off the album. We all listened to the songs, memorized the lyrics, and now, let me pick the top 3 songs that I really love off of reputation.


Let’s start my list with the one I love the most. To this day, Call It What You Want is still my favorite song off the album. This synth – pop love song perfectly sums up what the album is all about. It’s still fresh, and as emotive as it was the first time I listened to it. It never gets old. Its simple and calm airy production provide a serene background to a retelling of a devastated reputation, a love that’s worth giving up to, and a future that isn’t defined by the past.

My second favorite is the tropical pop number Delicate. It’s one of the sexiest songs on the album, not just because of its lyrics but because of how the vocoder is used on Taylor’s voice which makes it emotional and vulnerable. Lyrically, the song talks about finding someone you really like but you fear how much your mess of a reputation is gonna affect how he likes you back. How that reputation of yours affects how he thinks of you. Does he believe them? Does he not?  The pre chorus tells us that through the vocoded voice of Taylor.

The third on my list is another sexy song. So It Goes… closes out the first half of the album signaling the death of the ‘Old Taylor.’ In this song about tricks and illusions, her lover assumes the role of a magician and she’s asking him to do tricks on her. She also assumes the role of an illusionist clearing all of his grey days. This is probably the sexiest song on the album. if you don’t believe me, pay attention to the bridge and refrain when you listen to the song.


Overall, I really loved the album. This is much darker and more mature than her past albums. Lyrically, this is a step up from the watered down lyrics of 1989. It also has a stronger personality compared to 1989 which is very bland in comparison. Thematically and conceptually, this is also stronger than her previous releases.


reputation didn’t disappoint. The 3 – year wait is worth it. Buy reputation now on iTunes, Target, and stores near you.


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