Thank You, 2017!

Looking back, I had a great 2017. Sure there were quite a few setbacks, but still, there were more moments of triumphs to offset those. And one things for sure, it was a lot better than 2016.

January started with a high. Literal ‘high.’ I had my longest ride yet. Longest and the most difficult of all the rides I have had before. We went to Tagaytay City. On. Our. Bikes. Via. Sungay. From Lucena City, we pedaled our way successfully to Tagaytay City in about 12 hours. We had our breakfast at Tanauan, Batangas. We had their most famous cuisine Lomi. Then made our way to the Tagaytay through Talisay. We got to visit Sky Ranch too.

February had me celebrate Valentine’s Day with my friend in Kamay Ni Hesus in Lucban. I’m still single but that doesn’t bring me down especially when it’s Valentine’s Day. Single – blessedness. We climbed the top of the shrine. It made me feel really good. And looking around at the lush greens surrounding the foot of Mt. Banahaw helps too. It’s relaxing. I love visiting Lucban because of this. It’s probably my favorite place to visit when I kinda feel bad about myself. Lucban is so serene, and it reminds me of life before electronic gadgets and Social Media took over our lives. It’s the provincial life I want. With that, I have February at a high too.

Early March we went to Manila! From Lucena, we went to Quiapo on commute. It was a lot of fun figuring out which bus and jeepneys to ride to get to our destinations. We got to attend a mass at Quiapo Church. We got to visit bike shops and buy bike accessories. We went to Divisoria, National Museum, Rizal Park, and Mall of Asia. We even got to visit a Gundam Exposition. It’s not all highs though. March also saw me having my first serious bike accident. Well, it’s partly my fault so I’m not gonna put the blame solely on the motorcycle that hit me the morning of the 8th. The thing is, I didn’t saw it coming. And I kinda got traumatized because of this accident.

April is all about epic bike rides. I climbed Lucban on my own on the 6th. A great way to start the month. We had our Quezon Citizens Bike – on – Patrol ride organized by Quezon Police Provincial Office (QPPO) on the 8th. The next day, we had our QBC fun ride from Perez Park to Silangang Nayon in Pagbilao. On the 12th we had our bike ride again with the QPPO for Visita Iglesia all around Lucena. On the 13th, we had our Alay Padyak for the Holy Week from Lucena to Lucban. Aside from bike rides, I also got to visit Montevista Resort and Pakil, Laguna with my family. And another bike ride to end April with Lucena Bike Riders Club (LBRC) from Lucena to Pakil via Pagsanjan.

My birth month May is also great. Bike rides to Lucban and Calamba, Laguna were successful. I also got to celebrate my birthday at Manila by visiting Quiapo Church. Then I bought books at FullyBooked as birthday presents to myself. I ended May by LBRC participating in Pasayahan Sa Lucena’s Hat Competition. I designed our group’s hat, and though we didn’t win, it’s still a great experience to learn from.

I became busy in June because of our group’s anniversary celebration. We decided to organize a charity event to give back to the community. We focused on solicitations for help because of our incapability in the financial aspect of things. We had our first Feeding Program at St. Ferdinand Cathedral, and also donated some used clothes to DSWD – Lucena for the kids who are in need.

The first half of my 2017 is so busy with all those exciting bike rides and events that the second half seems uneventful. For some reason, as I got deeper into 2017, it got quieter for me.

In July, we rode to Padre Pio Shrine in Sto. Tomas, Batangas. Most of my July was spent on reviews or tutoring my niece. In August, I took an exam. Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift was released, Finally! And of course, the most exciting part of August was when I got to be part of The Swift Base server in Discord.

In September, results were released, and I passed the exam I took. Thank God for that! This is probably the highest point of this year. Yey! …Ready For It? by Taylor Swift was released too. The ber months are off to a great start but still kinda quiet compared to the previous months. Apart from Taylor Swift releases, October is dead for me. Gorgeous tide me over before the album’s release.

November started with me crying over to Call It What You Want. I really loved that song. It’s my most played song on now. Then of course, the reputation album release on the 10th. But November also saw me crying for another thing. Jorge died. The lowest point of my year. Losing a friend. Regrets.

December, the last month to have a plot twist for 2017. There’s no plot twist for me but still enjoyed every day of it. I got to attend all 9 nights of Simbang Gabi. I’m so happy for that.

2017 is an improvement compared to 2016. 2017 had me realize a lot of things. 2017 had me visit these awesome places I never thought I could, some with friends, and some on my own. I’m thankful for 2017. I got to know who’re still there for me despite the distance, and me being inactive on Social Media.

Thank You, 2017. We had so much fun. We cried tears too. We made so many memories. And the most important thing is you didn’t break me.


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