Spelling Enthusiast, Part V

In my past posts about my love for words, and spelling, I have shared to you how I grew up as someone who’s engrossed or enamored with academics, how I would sometimes neglect that part of me in exchange for fun, how food plays a part in spelling, or how I’m just a nerd. Competing for three years in Academic Quiz Bees, and coaching the new breed of quizzers, there are words that never fail to come up during these competitions.

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Spelling Enthusiast, Part III

During my elementary days, I remember clearly how I would be trained by my teachers to compete for these scholastic events such as quiz bees, and spelling contests. I remember also how lazy I was back then, and how I would find a way to not be part of the competing team. This story is about how I tried to escape the spelling practices because they are in conflict with my after – school activities.

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Spelling Enthusiast, Part II

Continuing my previous post regarding my fondness with words, and spelling them, I am sharing to you another list of words that is part of the word bank I consolidated for my Academic Team.

This list I am sharing to you consists of words that originated from different countries around the globe. These words give us a glimpse of the cultures they come from, and I hope they will expand your vocabulary, too.

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Spelling Enthusiast

Ever since high school, I’m just fascinated with words. Not just words but spelling them, too, and correctly. So when I became a part of the Academic Team of our department during my college days, I was so happy that spelling is one of the categories of the Quiz Bee we join annually as part of the foundation week celebration of my Alma Mater.

So today, I will share to you 10 French words and phrases you can add to your vocabulary. Who knows? Maybe this list will come in handy in the future.

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Tradition And Change In Filipino Families/Communities

I have heard people uttering that change is the only permanent thing in this world. According to Arthur Schopenhauer, “Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal.” Change, a six-letter word that is contextually rich. It can be a change in one’s life, in one’s clothes, or in one’s own perspective. It can also be about a transition or conversion. Alteration is also change. It can happen anytime and anywhere. It is somewhat a surprise for some and expected for others. Socially, people tend to change. Traditions, values and customs often correspond to the present trends and to what are contemporary. Our customary suffered a lot from change. Many of our traditions were changed to cope up with the advent of acculturation and enculturation of our conquerors.

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