VP Leni And The Cheating Allegations

Last May 9, 2016, the Filipino people exercised one of their rights as citizens of a democratic country, the right to vote.

When the BEIs closed the voting process, printed the Election Results, and transmitted the results to the 3 servers of the COMELEC including the Transparency Server, we started to see the consolidated results unfold right before our very eyes. The unofficial canvass directly coming from the Transparency Server dominated the air times of Local TV Stations. Results of the unofficial canvass were updated from time to time as the transmission of the results from different provinces were received by the servers. Duterte and Marcos were the front runners.

As more results came in, it became clear that Duterte is the winner by plurality. But the same cannot be said when it came to the Vice – Presidential election. As more results came in from different bailiwicks of Marcos and Robredo, the lead by the former decreased. From millions, the margin between the two shrunk to a mere hundred thousand. Then the morning of May 10 came, and to the surprise of some, Robredo got the lead by only a thousand votes. People were furious.

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