Taylor’s Back!


In celebration of 1989 selling over 10 Million Albums Worldwide and the RIAA’s 100 Million Song Certification announcement, Taylor wants to thank her fans by making her entire back catalog available to all streaming services tonight at midnight.

One Instagram post. One Facebook post. Taylor Swift is officially back at Spotify! Mayhem ensued!

June 9, 2017 is officially the day when Swift’s entire catalogue, from Taylor Swift to 1989, is streamable on both the free, and premium tiers of Spotify. If you remember the chaos that ensued when she pulled out her entire catalogue last October 2014, then it’s still chaos today as people celebrated her return to the streaming giant.

But for some, the timing is a little bit suspicious as her return to the streaming service is the same day as Witness’ release, Katy Perry’s latest effort.

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It’s been more than a week ever since I finished reading The Song of Achilles and I can’t seem to get over it. I don’t know why but there’s something about that novel that got to me. Maybe it’s the hopeless romantic in me that got roused up by the love between Patroclus and Achilles that whenever I think about them, they give me the feels. I don’t know, it’s just that in the novel, they loved each other very much that even death can’t stand in their way. The ending killed me.

I titled this post Patrochilles because this post is dedicated to them. Their never ending love for each other really made me a fan. Now, they’re my OTP. I ship them now.

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I’ve always liked Bastille but to be very honest with you, I’m really not into that alternative – type of music. I’m more of a pop and country kind – of – guy. I listen to alternative – pop songs but I’m just not used to the weird song structures these songs have. It’s not even entirely on how the song is structured but also about the melodies, and instrumentals. Sometimes, I feel like it’s too garage band or something. I can’t really explain it but they sound too noisy and unpolished unlike pop songs that are manufactured to be radio hits. I listen to country because of the storytelling aspect of the genre. Listening to country songs is like reading a book with imageries that just flash before your very eyes. I want songs that make you feel immersed with the experience, and make you feel something as you listen to them.

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The Song of Achilles

This year, one of things I wanted to do more is to read. Specifically, read novels. For the past three years or so, I did read but the materials are mostly for the academe: educational materials, lesson plans, course syllabus, and the likes. I wanted to go back to reading fiction: the charismatic characters that you draw you in, the setting that provides the perfect backdrop for the story, the intriguing plot points that move the story forward, the twists you never see coming, and the smell of paper as you flip the pages when you’re done reading them.  I missed reading fiction, and being consumed by it. So, I decided to go back.

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The House of Slytherin

It was a peaceful Sunday night for Swifties until that moment when Kim Kardashian uploaded to her Snapchat account the unauthorized recording of a phone call made by Kanye West to Taylor Swift. It involved West asking Swift about permission to include misogynistic lyrics to his song Famous about Swift owing West sex.

Then the controversy exploded. Celebrities tried to cash in on it for their own fifteen minutes of fame by shading Swift. And the hater had their field day on Twitter.

So what was it that got people to talk negatively about Swift? They said she’s a snake. They said she’s always playing the victim and they’re happy she got a taste of her own medicine. They said she even lied about this whole fiasco.

So what was it? Let us investigate the relationship between West and Swift to fully understand what happened between the two.

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Is Taylor Swift Over?

It’s been a decade since Taylor Swift debuted to the music scene with her first single. Ever since then, controversy followed her every move. Her dating life, social life, and even her personal life had been subjects of controversies even when she’s not even doing to anything.

And with the Kim and Kanye controversy added to the long list of controversies under her belt, it’s another opportunity for her haters to call her over. So let’s go back to the past times when social media commentators proclaimed that the Taylor Swift phenomenon was over.

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Fine Arts And Anthropology

Ever since my childhood days, I have always been fascinated with art and history. One of my hobbies back then was drawing. Another one is reading. I love to draw the events I’ve experienced based on how I could recall them. Many times I did try to draw scenes in detail. Reading is also an important activity when I was young. My parents encouraged me to read and I did. It was a happy and productive childhood with lots of drawing sessions and book readings. So when I first heard of the National Museum having free entrance beginning July 1st, I took the chance.

I’m glad I did.

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