Ako’y isang anino
Sa sulok ng madilim na mundo
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To You Who Broke My Heart

Hi! Do you still remember me? It’s Paulo. I don’t know the name you’re using now but all I know is that I was that guy who got his heartbroken. And the reason is you. If you don’t remember me, then let the contents of this letter remind you.

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Temporary Home

It was not like any other night, that rainy night in June when I saw you. It was 9 pm. It was darker that the usual rainy nights I’ve encountered in my 25 years of existence. The rain can’t seem to stop from spilling its cold and harsh wetness from where we were standing. We we’re in a dilapidated waiting shed. Waters were leaking everywhere. The roof with all of its holes keeps dropping stinging cold water to people who just want to find shelter from the bad weather. Even the walls can’t fight the harsh winds that blow coldness to everyone in that long forgotten shed.

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Student – Teacher Relationship, Part 3

Biglang dumating yung time na kumalat na sa iba pang mga students yung tungkol sa ligawan namin. Hindi naman sa lahat pero sa mga close friends namin. Medyo marami rin yung nakaalam. Alam kong bawal ang ginagawa ko kasi hindi pa siya legal age noon at may moral standards kaming sinusunod bilang teachers. Dumating pa sa point na niloloko na kami nung mga students na nakakaalam openly. Yung may sisigaw na lang bigla ng “Uyyyyyyyyy.”

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