Spelling Enthusiast, Part II

Continuing my previous post regarding my fondness with words, and spelling them, I am sharing to you another list of words that is part of the word bank I consolidated for my Academic Team.

This list I am sharing to you consists of words that originated from different countries around the globe. These words give us a glimpse of the cultures they come from, and I hope they will expand your vocabulary, too.

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Spelling Enthusiast

Ever since high school, I’m just fascinated with words. Not just words but spelling them, too, and correctly. So when I became a part of the Academic Team of our department during my college days, I was so happy that spelling is one of the categories of the Quiz Bee we join annually as part of the foundation week celebration of my Alma Mater.

So today, I will share to you 10 French words and phrases you can add to your vocabulary. Who knows? Maybe this list will come in handy in the future.

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Temporary Home

It was not like any other night, that rainy night in June when I saw you. It was 9 pm. It was darker that the usual rainy nights I’ve encountered in my 25 years of existence. The rain can’t seem to stop from spilling its cold and harsh wetness from where we were standing. We we’re in a dilapidated waiting shed. Waters were leaking everywhere. The roof with all of its holes keeps dropping stinging cold water to people who just want to find shelter from the bad weather. Even the walls can’t fight the harsh winds that blow coldness to everyone in that long forgotten shed.

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