365 Days

A year goes by so fast. 365 days go by so fast you don’t even realize that it’s already been a year. 

A year since that vacation you took to a place you never thought you’d visit in your lifetime. A year since watching that movie you said you’d never watch. A year since you bought your favorite pair of shoes. A year since you listened to that album from an artist you hate listening to. A year since you witnessed a once in a lifetime event. A year since you ate at that high end restaurant that served food you actually despised to this day. A year since you laughed so hard at that corny joke your co – worker told you. A year since that heartache you never thought you’d get over. A year since you’ve been fooled. A year since you’ve lost a part of yourself. A year.

Last year, I was dreading about someone. Someone who was going to change everything, I thought. Someone who’s going to change me, and make me happy. It’s been a year, and to this day, I still think about what happened. A memory. It’s still haunting me. My ghost. In my happiest moments since that very day, it just creeps in to remind me of how stupid I was. It’s haunting me until now.

A year goes by so fast. 365 days do change people. Does time heal all wounds or just conceal them? I don’t know. Maybe. But based from my experiences, time does not because no matter how much you try, you’ll always be reminded of the past. Remembering leads to opening the wounds you thought were already healed. Scars,  and all.

A year goes by so fast but healing takes more time than what a year can offer.


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